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If you can dream it, we can make it!  My husband and dad have been making sheds, continuous fence panels, stand alone panels, bottomless bunks, windbreak panels and much much more!  Let us know what you need and we can make it.   Below are some examples of past projects.

 Call for current prices.   We meet or beat all prices in our area!

 Mike Lindstrom 605-491-5226

Mike Denker 605-491-0272

Continuous Fence Panels

Our entire feedlot and most of the goat pens are now updated and made out of the continuous fence panel.  The goat panels are custom made shorter and have smaller spaces in between.  Prices depend on the number of bars.  Example 6-bar 24' panels start at $4.75 

Windbreak Panels

These windbreak panels are great for protecting your cattle in the middle of the pasture during calving when a permenant fence is not possible.  When you need to clean, just lift with your loader and slide out of the way.  These panels are 24' and prices start at $580.   (Price depends on current steel prices at time of ordering.) 

Bottomless Feed Bunks

Below are examples of the bottomless bunks.  They are 20' long and prices start at $625.   (Price depends on current steel prices at time of ordering.) 


Standalone fence panels

Below are examples of the standalone panels.  They start at $325 for a 24' panel with no gate and $425 for a 24' panel with an 8' gate on one end.  (Price depends on current steel prices at time of ordering.)




Gate within a fence

This is one of the gates made for our goat yard to replace a very old and heavy wooden gate!   

Custom Sheds

These custom sheds work great for calves, sheep, and goats!  They are made of all steel and on skids so they are easy to move.

They can be made to any custom size you want.  The size we use are 10 x 15 ft.  For this size we charge $1075.00.  Prices will vary depending on the size you want.  Call for a price quote.


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