Whisper-N-Creek Dairy Goats

Alpine, Lamancha, Saanen, & Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Who We Are

Whisper-N-Creek is a family owned operation.  We starting raising dairy goats in 1993 as a 4-H project.  It quickly grew on us and our herd multiplied from two Alpines to today over 130 Alpines, LaManchas, Nubians, and Oberhaslis. 

In 2009 due to health concerns, Karen and Julian decided it was time to give up the herd.  This has been a very hard decision on both them and myself as Julian has become like a Grandpa to me.  We now have the rest of Karen and Julian's Nubians and Lamanchas at our home and they are lovely!  We are grateful to be working with these does now, but under unfortunate circumstances.

The Nubian herd started years ago, but we had sold out.  When the family that bought our last buck decided to get out of the goat business, we purchased three of his daughters and four bred milkers back in 2007.  Then in 2008 Karen and Julian Smith offered me 15 does out of their show herd.  After years of helping Karen and Julian show, we were excited to have the opportunity to purchase these does. 

As well as showing, we are also using the Nubians to make cheese for ourselves and friends.  We are also excited to be making soaps and soon on to lotions!  We just hate to see all that good milk go to waste.

The LaManchas started in 2006.  Karen and Julian Smith of Norfolk, Nebraska offered me four does to get started, and they have given us some fantastic daughters already. One of which received five Grand Champions, one Reserve Champion and one Best Junior Doe in Show in 2007.  In 2008 Karen and Julian offered me an additional 15 does from their show herd.  That same year we had one of their dry yearlings go Best Junior Doe in Show!  We are exciting to be working with these bloodlines that Karen and Julian have been successfully working with for years.

The Alpines have always been our favorite breed and still out number all other dairy breeds on our farm.  However, the Lamachas are growing quickly.  The Alpines started with a single doe, Nicole, from Mike Feller, who Jill also showed for.  Quickly after getting Nicole, our family increase the herd. 

The Oberhaslis came to our herd when Mike decided if he was going to show with us he wanted his own breed!  They came to our home the summer of 2008.  A huge thank you to Tecoa Seibert of Kansas for all her help with the Oberhaslis. 

We have many South Dakota breeders to thank for helping us get into the dairy goat business many years ago, but we have the goats to thank for us staying with it.  They made way into our hearts and earned their place on our farm.  The dairy goat world is one large family where everyone is willing to help out. 

All our goats are hand raised on a CAE preventative program which includes pastuerized milk and powered colostrum.  Also, we are usually present when most of the kids are born and they are placed into their own "kennel" until they are dry and had their colostrum.  They then go into pens of four to six, usually two families, and hand fed each their own 20 oz bottle of milk.  After about 2 weeks they are moved into a bigger barn in groups of 10 and bottled with nipple buckets.  

Take a look at our pictures and pedigrees.  If you have any questions or interest in any of our goats please contact Jill at jill.m.lindstrom@gmail.com or call 605-481-9987.

The Denker Family

Left to Right: Nick, Laura, and Kenley Wright; Mike and Pam Denker (Grandpa and Grandma); Mike, Jill, and Mick Lindstrom; Merle and Betty Denker (Great Grandpa and Great Grandma); Carl, Beth, and Ben Denker.

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